What is the difference between Paragliding and Hang Gliding?

Paragliding: A paraglider looks similar to a skydiving chute, with the pilot and passenger suspended below the main canopy by a series of lines. The main difference is that a paraglider has a lot more performance than a skydiving chute and can launch, soar through the skies, and land at quite a slow airspeed. Both the pilot and passenger are in the seated position during the flight, with the pilot located directly behind the passenger. Both the take-off and the landing are relatively slow compared to hang gliding, and the landing is easily completed in the standing position.

Hang Gliding: Hang Gliding is a bit like being suspended underneath a large kite. You and your pilot lie prone underneath the hang glider side-by-side, very similar to how a bird flies. Strong and secure harnesses support you and your pilot’s weight and are attached securely to the hang glider. A hang glider flies slightly faster than a paraglider, and the launch requires both the pilot and passenger to commit to a short run together. Landing is super easy as it’s completed on wheels, so the passenger only needs to relax and enjoy the experience.

Both activities offer the choice of completing some acrobatics towards the end of the flight, a bit like going on a roller-coaster ride. Can’t decide? We can certainly offer a combo price if you would like to experience both!

What do I need to bring?

Suitable footwear is necessary for take-off, ideally with ankle support. Whether it is winter or summer, always dress warmly. Remember that you will be in the air for between 10 and 20 minutes, and the wind while flying is cooler than the air on the ground. Gloves and Jackets can be provided on request.

You will also need your phone during your check-in, so please bring it with you. That and your wallet or purse if you are interested in purchasing the photo or video package from your pilot after you land.

If you bring too much, no problem; you will be able to leave what you won’t need during your flight in our van, which will meet you again at the landing location.

What can I wear during the flight?

Other than your normal clothing, you can wear a hat and (sun)glasses during the flight. You will be required to wear a helmet so it just depends on how comfortable you want to be.

How long does the whole trip take?

Plan 2.5 hours from check-in to being back in town during the months of winter (June to September) and 2 hours during the months of summer (October to May).

How long am I in the air for?

The flight time depends on the weather conditions that day. On average, flights last between 10 and 20 minutes. During the winter period (June–September), you will be flying between 15 and 20 minutes.

Is there a weight limit?

Yes, we have a strict maximum weight limit.

The maximum weight for paragliding is 120kg (down to 110kg during the months of April and May).

The maximum weight for Hang Gliding is 100kg (down to 90kg during the months of April and May).

The maximum weight includes your footwear and clothing. If you exceed the maximum weight at the time of your check-in, your flight will be cancelled with no refund.

How do I get to the take off?

We offer free transport from Queenstown town centre and several pick-ups on the way to Coronet Peak. You will be able to choose your best pick-up location when making the booking. If you choose the self-drive options, you can meet us at Carpark 4 on Coronet Peak Road during the summer period (October–May) or Coronet Peak Base Building during the winter period (June–September).

Note that during the winter period, the take-off location is only accessible by using the ski chairlift. An additional $35 chairlift pass can be bought by each customer at the time of check-in if the customer doesn’t have their own pass.

Where is the pick up point?

Our main pick-up location is located at 45 Camp Street, inside Ziptrek Ecotours Store. We can provide pick-up at several places on the way to Coronet Peak. You will be able to choose your best pick-up location when making the booking.

How do I know if the trip goes ahead?

You can contact us (0800 759 873) one hour prior to your departure time to make sure the weather is still good to go.

What are the Cancellation policies?

Cancellations prior to 48 hours before departure will incur no cancellation fee. Cancellations between 48 hours and 24 hours prior to departure will incur a 50% cancellation fee. Cancellations within 24 hours of departure will be charged at full price.

No refund will be given if you exceed the maximum weight at check-in. Our terms and conditions are available on our check-out page and will also be attached to your booking confirmation voucher.

Can I bring a friend to watch?

You are more than welcome to bring a friend with you for your check-in. If we have space on our shuttle for your friend to come with us, we will gladly take him or her for free to watch. Feel free to ask our staff member at the time of check-in.

Can I use my own GoPro?

Small action cameras can be chest-mounted for tandem paragliding only (not available for hang gliding). Attached equipment is at the pilot's discretion. They will assess it in relation to safety and security and make the final determination. You will have time otherwise to take a few photos with your phone prior to take-off.

Do I need to declare any Medical Conditions? And what are they?

You will be required to sign a waiver form during your check-in, but it is important for all customers to declare any of the below medical conditions. Please note this does not necessarily exclude a person from participating in our air sport activities.

– Pregnancy

– Heart Condition

– Recent Sprains or Muscular injuries

– Panic/Anxiety Attacks

– High/low Blood Pressure

– Bone Disorders

– Fragile Skin

– Dislocations

– Diabetes

– Epilepsy

– Prosthetics

– Neurological Disorders

– Disabilities

– Physical Impairment

– Motion sickness

Do you provide photos and videos?

Yes, your pilot will be taking photos and videos during your flight. The package will include 30–40 photos and 2-3 videos, and you will be able to purchase them directly from our pilot after you land.

Will I be able to fly the glider?

If the flying conditions on the day are suitable, our pilot might let you take control for a bit. Each flight is different, so it will be at the pilot’s discretion.

Do you have parking at your check-in location?

No, we don’t have parking at our check-in location. If you plan to drive into town, be aware that car parking spaces are in short supply, which means you’ll need to leave plenty of time to find a parking spot and then make your way to our check-in desk.

The most likely spot to find a carpark is in the Man Street Carpark (12 Man St., Queenstown) or the Boundary Street Car Park (10 Boundary St., Queenstown).

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